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How to Help, Serve, and Grow During COVID-19

We’ll avoid talking about how unprecedented these times are. We all know we’re living through one of the most uncertain times in modern history. Life is currently NOT normal – to any degree. Busy city streets are empty, 100 million Americans are currently on lockdown, and an invisible enemy is seemingly lurking around every corner ready to pounce and attack without warning. All of that combined has the ability to be absolutely crushing, both for the personal soul and for a small business. But we wholeheartedly believe that instead of letting ourselves succumb to the forceful pressures around us, we need to rise up, stronger than ever in unity and with a heart to serve one another. Moments like this throughout history have brought about change and growth and more often than not, a renewed sense of unity. Even though the circumstances and the constant barrage of media updates make everything seem in despair, we instead are challenging ourselves with how to help, serve, and grow during COVID-19.


Most of us feel a tug at our hearts when we hear of terrible events taking place in other parts of the world. We often wish there was a way we could jump in and help. One of the most interesting things about the coronavirus pandemic is that there is literally something we can ALL do to help each other. Unlike faraway natural disasters that we can only help by donating money to, we can actually tangibly help our loved ones and neighbors during COVID-19. It’s by staying home! It sounds so simple, but it truly is so effective in reducing the spread of this disease inadvertently to others. 


We’ve been spending a lot of time talking with other creatives about how we can all serve both our local photography and creative community and those around us. That’s why we decided to launch our ‘COVID-19 Support Calls’ to help other creatives navigate the difficulties they were up against. It’s why we’ve taken 50% off of our Virtual Mentoring Sessions for those who are looking to use this time to grow their business.

It’s also why I read news articles about photographers who are coming up with creative ways to serve their local communities without compromising social distancing protocols. They are helping people who are holed up in their homes by letting them sign up for free ‘door step family portraits’. In return, many residents are donating money for the sessions which the photographers are giving to a local charity. It’s so inspiring to hear stories like this of other photographers truly rising to the occasion and serving their communities well!


Times like this also challenge us all to grow. If you are having events postponed or canceled or the financial future of your business looks uncertain, this is a time to learn how to grow! You started this business because you are a creative person. Use that creativity to create new opportunities for yourself!

Or maybe you’re more like us and have a project you’ve been slowly working at for a long time, but never feel like you have the time to complete it. Instead of sitting on the couch watching the news all day, get up and get going on working on that big project of yours!

So ask yourself, friend. How are you working to help, serve, and grow during this time? We are challenged every day to make the most of it, which we understand can be SO difficult right now. But that’s what makes YOU successful. Because YOU are willing to do hard things.

We’ve been making every effort to help by staying isolated at home, to serve by giving free consults and discounted education to our photography community, and to grow by investing our energy in some pretty big projects.

If I am thankful for one thing the most as a result of this, it’s the ability to SLOW DOWN. While writing this blog, I slowed down enough to watch my 5-year-old daughter Paislee fiddle non-stop with the AirPod she couldn’t quite figure out in her ear. She will only be 5 once, and those silly little moments will pass by too quickly, so I’m thankful for the forced downtime in some ways. 

So our last challenge to you: what can you find to be thankful for, even when things around you might be farthest from what you hope for them to be?

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