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Courage with COVID-19

Anyone else feeling really rattled today? I know we are. And we know our community and realize that we aren’t alone in feeling that way. We know you are dealing with the same uncertainties and nagging unanswered questions around the impact of COVID-19, like:

How long will this last?

Am I prepared to weather this storm?

Will my business survive this?

When will things just get back to normal?

Like us, you’re also dealing with emails from concerned clients with their own set of questions. Events are being canceled or postponed and you’re facing uncharted territory with how to handle this very unique situation you’re facing. On top of figuring out how to communicate with clients through this, you’re also losing jobs. We’re there too. We’ve already lost multiple jobs because of the pandemic.

But, if we can encourage you with one thing, we want you to know that you are NOT alone. 

We’re in the middle of this with you. 

As creatives we have a unique community around us and we want to encourage you to tap into the strength of this community during this time. Draw strength and courage from one another. Support each other. Let us all come together in a real way now more than ever! We hope that we can be a beacon of light to you during this time. 

It seems like every passing day, news report, stock market tumble, and restrictive emergency policy has us tempted to be rattled by fear. 

As brand photographers, our business depends on other brands and businesses thriving in their own day-to-day business and staying open. Businesses being mandated to close does not equal a strong market for us. Everything taking place around us makes us want to give in to fear and anxiety, but we’ve resolved not to let it. Because once all of this passes (and it WILL pass), we want to look back and be proud of ourselves for how we took what we were given and made the most of it.

We have so much to be thankful for despite the overnight change in just about every area of our lives. We want to speak positivity in our home and in our conversations with others. We want to spread encouragement and life-giving hope, not propaganda and fear.

So ask yourself, how will you choose to handle the COVID-19 situation – one that’s completely outside of your control? Will you give in to the pressure, fold it up, and cave to fear? Will you let the uncertainty of tomorrow consume your thoughts and force you into a state of mental and emotional paralysis?

Or will you buckle down and get creative? Will you let those creative wheels that got you where you are in the first place spin away and move your business forward in some way? Will you decide to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on the negative?

Our pastor put it to us this way, “Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s choosing to live by faith in spite of it.” – Ashley Wooldridge

And friend, YOU ARE courageous!!

Want to know how we know? 

Because you stepped out in courage to start your business in the first place. That alone is courage that 99% of the population will never know. Think about that for a minute. No matter where you are with your business in the middle of all of this, YOU are among the most courageous for setting out to have your own business in the first place. You are a part of the courageous minority. 

As a part of the courageous minority, will you resolve with us not to react the way the majority will during this time? Can we choose together to face this will resilience, determination, and the deep-rooted courage we already possess? 

You’ve got this, friend!

Remember, we are here in it with you. 

If we can support you in any way with questions you have or obstacles you may be facing, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot us an email. We’d love to encourage and support you in any way we can. 

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  1. Debbie Dennis says:

    Great words…. ditto !

    Still looking forward to March 25 appt


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