I'm Erica "The Boss" Hayes. People joke that Jon and I are like the Chip + Jo of photography and I don't like to disagree. That's a huge compliment! I share the style prowess of Joanna Gaines but with a camera in my hand.

Bringing a client's vision to life is my favorite part of the job. I'm fueled by literally checking boxes off of a to do list and while I love being a photographer, my favorite title by far is Mrs. Mama.



photographer + stylist

I'm Jon "The Doer" Hayes! AKA... the Chip to Erica's JoJo but without the ham sandwiches... I hate ham sandwiches. I'm a creative at heart, but wasn't always a photographer, I never even picked up a camera until Erica twisted my arm — the rest is history.

Now I can't imagine a life where I'm not constantly working with amazing people in different industries beside my best friend, Erica. 



photographer + content producer

Behind The Lens

Since we met, we've brought out the best in each other. Same applies to our business — with both of our talents combined, we are able to bring every client an amazing and unique experience. With one's ability to take a vision and bring it to life through creative styling, to another's quick thinking and ability to execute and handle logistics (you can guess who is who!).

We know what each other is thinking which makes for very efficient shoots. Together, we lift and balance each other in order to create the best work for our clients.

We're better
when we're


- chris + heidi powell

Erica and Jon are not only a dynamic photography team, they are amazing people!  We love working with them and know that every shoot will provide images that not only capture just what we need - whether it is for work, our family or our clients - but tell the story of our brands. We love Erica and Jon!  


- Randall Peterson

We absolutely loved working with Erica & Jon! Their professionalism and talent exceeded our expectations and the finished photos are perfect…the two of them are a great team and they did an awesome job of putting everyone at ease so that they could capture our best shots. I highly recommend Erica & Jon Photography!

Peterson Insurance Agency

- Steph Dorwoth

Beautiful to the Core Blog

I needed a photographer last minute for my online health and fitness website and social media. Upon meeting them, they were both super friendly and made me feel comfortable. That is crucial when shooting because if you feel nervous or stiff it shows in the photos. They exuded confidence in their photography skills, worked great as a team, and were professional. The photos came out perfectly and I will definitely work with them again in the future. The best in Scottsdale!

... and white queso! If we could live off of it we totally would. We've seriously contemplated taking photos in exchange for more chips + salsa!


05. chips and

Both for our photographic eye and our sanity! We can't stand clutter and thrive on natural light to help us feel balanced. Plus, it helps when taking photos ;)


04. clean, white + neutral

We believe in doing the crazy, faith required things in life and helping empower others to do the same. Because life's too good to live it status quo.


03. empowering

Erica creates, Jon does! Jon cooks dinner, Erica eats it and sometimes helps with the dishes ;) We bring out each other's strengths and fill in our weaknesses.


02. tag teaming

Our kids are the driving force behind everything we do. Family comes first, which is why we make sure to be at every soccer game no matter our schedules.


01. we love

A few of our
favorite things

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