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Dealing with Distractions

We have to say, we love our church. We’re both wired to want more and to continue to grow as individuals, parents and friends. We’ve found no better way than to be consistently challenged than attending a local church. It’s always been part of what we do and for good reason! This week, our pastor told a story about his recent trip to the Grand Canyon.

He took his wife and kids to the Grand Canyon and it was the first time his girls had ever seen it. Now, we’re Arizona locals and have both seen the Grand Canyon more times than we can count, but it never loses it’s awe inspiring effect. The depth, length, and sheer size of this gigantic hole in the ground makes you feel so small.

While they were enjoying the view, our Pastor, Eric started noticing that the people around him were busy doing other things. Instead of being impressed by this incredible wonder of the world, people were standing with their backs to the canyon, leaned up against the railing and looking at … you guessed it, their phones. They were so distracted by their devices, whether it was social media, emails, texts, that they weren’t even able to recognize the amazing sight in front of their eyes.

It got him thinking – and this is where it got personal – what are the distractions in our own lives that cause us to be absent instead of present? It doesn’t have to be a device. Maybe it’s other distractions like finances, strained relationships, or _____. It’s different for everyone, but we’re willing to bet there’s something you can identify with.

For us it was easy. Our business is the greatest gift we’ve ever received, but can also be the biggest distraction to the most important things in life. Emails, social media, phone calls, decisions – they all constantly tug at us and pull us from paying attention and being present for the most important things in our lives.


Our kids.

Each other.


Those are all the most important things in the world to us, and the things that matter most. So we’ve committed this week to take steps to avoid the distraction and make sure we are not only there, but present with our presence when we’re with our family and friends. Those things in life are worth more than anything else, and we owe them our best in every situation.

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