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Friday Top Five

Hey guys!! On Friday’s we share our Friday Top Five, a recap of the week we’ve had. If you are new to our Friday Top Five blog series, hop over to the very first one, Part 1 to start! It will help you understand our Friday Top Five and the fun we like to share here!

It’s Starting to Smell Like Fall!

If you haven’t heard, Starbucks has decided that it’s the fall season. #PSL, right!? So we joined in with the early fall celebration and plugged in our new fall themed wall flowers all over the house! We love the fall season and smells, so we’ve decided to forget that it’s 100+ outside and start the season early at our house!

Putting Our Backs Into It

Sometimes building a business feels like we carry the world on our backs. And sometimes our backs tell us they’ve had a little bit too much! As silly as it may sound, one of this week’s highlights for Erica was a chiropractic adjustment to get her back and neck straightened out.

Content, Content, Content

We produce a lot of content in a given week, and we wish we could produce even more than we do. But even at the level we currently crank out blog posts, social media posts and other things, we have to be intentionally about carving out time to make it happen. Erica spent most of the day Tuesday planning content through the middle of September, and Jon spent a lot of the day Wednesday working on blog posts! It felt great getting ahead of the curve and going into September prepared!

Take Me to Rio, Rio!

Erica’s mom, Tina came down the the valley for a visit! We love when her parents come to town, and so do Brody and Paislee! We loved taking everyone to our current favorite Mexican restaurant, Cafe Rio! Their food is amazing and of course we love the chips, salsa and queso!

Family Time Friday

We love family time! It’s one of the biggest reasons we started our own business – to have more of it! So when Erica’s Mom organizes a barbecue with her aunt and uncle, grandma, sister and nieces and nephews, you know we were all about it! We can’t think of a better way to kick off a long holiday weekend than quality family time!

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