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A Special Thank You!

People ask us all the time – how do we do it? How do we keep up with the demands of a growing business, raise two amazing kiddos and somewhere in there manage to have a little bit of time to ourselves? The truth is, it’s a lot of hard work. But it’s also not just us and our work ethic that make is possible. It’s also our supporters – you! Without you, we’d be nowhere, and we’re more grateful for that than you’ll ever know. Knowing you are there cheering us on means the world to us and keeps us motivated even on the tough days.

We’re also blessed by a couple of huge supporters that need a special thank you – so today we’d like to recognize the two people that have our backs 100% of the time, every time, no matter what.

When we approached them about selling our home and moving to Arizona to start our business and needed a place to live while Brody finished school, they opened their home. Despite how close we are, they encouraged us with tearful eyes as we pulled out of town moving a thousand miles away to chase our dreams.

From day one, they’ve cheered us on. They’ve celebrated every victory with us as if it were there own, and they’ve supported us in the setbacks and times of discouragement. They pray for us, our family, and our success daily and read our blog posts every. single. day.

And it goes beyond supporting us from a distance. They go out of their way to open up schedules to watch Brody and Paislee when other plans fall apart. They drive down just for the day to help us with them when we have a big meeting and no one else to turn to.

Dave and Tina…Mom and Dad…Nana and Papa, we owe so much to you both. Your continued support, constant encouragement, and unwavering confidence in us means more than we can describe. You’re confident in us when our own confidence is shaken. You speak life into us when we need it most. And your love and support doesn’t go unnoticed.

We love you guys for so many reasons, and can’t thank you enough!

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