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What A Curated Instagram Grid Says To Your Clients

You’ve seen it….that beautifully curated Instagram feed that just makes you scroll and scroll and…..scroll! The colors all fit together perfectly, flawlessly transitioning from one to another. The images all convey the same feeling and emotion and make you feel something. You dive deeper and deeper and begin to feel like you know this person or brand personally. You even start to develop a feeling of trust. We’d be willing to bet you’ve been there before.

But have you thought about that experience in the context of your business? What if you could create something that cultivated that same experience you had for your ideal clients? What if they wanted to dig deeper and deeper until they were bought into your brand and felt like they could trust you?

As we’ve built our own business and worked with multiple brands across a variety of industries, we’ve found that having a visually appealing Instagram gird is equally as important as having engaging and relatable content. In fact, we’d argue that the imagery is the conduit that allows the written content to be so powerful.

But the written content is a completely different animal that we’ll tackle together in the future. For now, let’s talk about what a curated Instagram grid says to your clients.

You’re a Pro!

The first thing a curated Instagram feed will communicate to your prospective client is that you are professional. Think about it. Most personal feeds just don’t look that pretty. Sure, they’re full of meaningful photos of little Timmy’s piano recital and Uncle Frank’s birthday party, but they aren’t appealing from a visual standpoint. That’s because most people use the platform as a means to document and share meaningful events, no matter how they look. And that’s great! It’s the whole idea behind Instagram! But as a business, you need to be set apart from the crowd. Friends and family care about Aunt Edna’s posts because they’re bought in – they love their family! But as a business, you don’t have that same luxury of automatic buy-in. Having a well-curated feed will automatically separate you from the rest and create an atmosphere for trust to be built.

You’re Intentional

In large part, that trust starts to be developed because you show your intentionality with your imagery online. Intentionality shows care and concern. It communicates your desire to be taken seriously. For someone who’s deciding whether or not to trust your brand, it gives them a preview of what they can expect. After all, if you are this intentional about your online presence, how much more intentional your client experience must be! People will automatically sense that your care for your footprint online translates to what they can expect as paying clients.

You’re Consistent

When we hold in-person client meetings, we usually meet at Starbucks. It’s not because they have the best coffee in the world. It’s not because they are pretty much universally located. It’s because we always know what we can expect. A thriving atmosphere, coffee-shop music in the background, and a mediocre cup of coffee.

Every time.

Every location.


They are the kings of consistency, and in large part that’s the key to their massive success. You can order a drink at your hometown location or in Japan and they’ll taste the same!

The same thing happens when you take the time to have curated imagery for your Instagram feed. You show your clients that you are consistent. And consistency is another big trust builder! If you run a restaurant, people will automatically associate your kitchen and what it produces with the consistent experience they see online. Actions open doors, consistency keeps them open.

You can start creating a curated Instagram feed now. Like – today! We’ve seen it impact our business in incredible ways! As a matter of fact, over 75% of our new business inquiries come through social media. That’s a big number and a great motivator for us to show up and take the time to curate our own feed. Consider your brand and your messaging and start recycling content you already have with intentionality. Need a little help with creating new content? We’ve got your back on that one – let’s talk!

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  1. Kelsi says:

    Hi guys! I was wondering how you would curate an Instagram grid if it was a photographer that did multiple types of portraits that wouldn’t look cohesive together, such as pet portraits and flatlays or products?

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