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Friday Top Five

Hey guys!! On Friday’s we share our Friday Top Five, a recap of the week we’ve had. If you are new to our Friday Top Five blog series, hop over to the very first one, Part 1 to start! It will help you understand our Friday Top Five and the fun we like to share here!

Our Trip to Washington

A year and a half ago, we left everything we had in Washington State and moved back to Arizona to start our business full-time. While coming back home to Arizona was the best choice we could have ever made for our business, we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that a big piece of our hearts was left in the PNW. So we were seriously overjoyed when we had the opportunity to travel back to Washington for a work-cation! We spent three days back in the PNW for a senior photo session (CANNOT wait to show you guys this one!), for Jon to lead worship at our old church, Crossroads, and to visit all of our friends! It was the perfect weekend recharge for us, and we left deciding we need to return back again much sooner next time!

Donkey Kong

Yes, you read that right. Donkey Kong is making our Friday Top Five. Erica is a lifelong fanatic of the Super Nintendo Donkey Kong Country. When she plays she is in 100% and knows where all of the secret places are on the game! Jon finds it pretty hilarious! For some reason, on our first day in Washington, we made the decision to buy the SNES Classic and spent all of our free time playing Donkey Kong with our amazingly understanding friends Amber & Mikey! 🙂

Rainy Days

Arizona welcomed us back from Washington with…rain. Ironic. It was 75 and sunny in Washington and we came home to rain! As much as we were excited to be back home, part of us was sad to be leaving a place with so many amazing memories. It was almost like Arizona felt that and said, hey guys, here’s a glimpse of the next 9 months in Washington – do you miss that? And no, although we love so many people, places, and the summers in Washington, we do not miss the rain!

Mouse + Keyboard

This seems like a small win, but it’s a big one for Erica’s wrists! We choose to operate our business from MacBook Pros instead of big lovely iMac’s because of their portability. The one downside? Editing on a MacBook when our schedule is as busy as it has been can be pretty taxing on the body. So this week we bought Erica a stand for her MacBook, a Magic Keyboard and Magic TouchPad! Hopefully we’ll be saying goodbye to neck aches and wrist cramps, although Jon has a sneaking suspicion he’ll still be asked to give neck and shoulder rubs! 😉

Our Family of Four

Paislee has spent all week up at Erica’s parent’s house with her cousins for their fall break. Poor Brody’s school does fall break on a different week, but he got to spend the weekend, and we have fun plans for his break too! Having our family apart for so many days has been difficult, and we are so excited to have Paislee back home today! To those of you with kids, doesn’t it seem like they grow at a disproportional rate while you are away? We keep telling these kids to stop growing, but it doesn’t work!

Here’s to family time this weekend and into next week for Brody’s fall break! What are your plans for the weekend?

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