Our Top 7 Personal Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

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Can you believe that Fall is HERE?! As we head into Q4, we’re willing to bet that you know more than one personal brand who needs some fresh photos to finish out the year strong. Or maybe YOU are that brand! Whether you’re planning a session for a client or planning for your own brand photos, we’re here to help with our top 7 wardrobe ideas for a personal brand photoshoot!

Everyday Outfit

Our first tip is to reach for an “everyday” outfit, because that’s usually the easiest one to plan for! The style of this outfit can vary depending on the style of your client, and that’s a good thing! This is a chance to show the world their personality by sporting whatever outfit you could find them in on a typical day. Are they a jeans and t-shirt kinda person? Or do they love throwing on a pair of heels and a blazer before leaving the house? Whatever their style, ask them to grab a fit that makes them feel confident and like the best version of themselves!

Fitness Outfit

If working out, training for a marathon, or practicing morning yoga is a part of your client’s everyday routine, then showcase it! Adding in some images in their favorite work-out outfit is a great way to let potential clients see a peek into their personal life. Sharing about personal goals helps them attract potential clients who can relate to those goals. Ask them to grab their fav yoga pants and strike a pose!

Dressy for Headshots

No matter what your client’s personal brand style is, chances are they want to be seen as professional as well as playful. Give their images that polished touch by having them change into a dressy outfit for headshots. This could include a suit and tie, a blazer, or a dress complimented by statement jewelry. Whatever makes them feel like a fancy version of themselves is going to be the best choice!

Cozy Vibes

This one is always such a fun one! Give your client’s audience a peek into the “real” them by selecting a cozy, casual outfit similar to what they would wear around the house. Let’s be honest…potential customers know that your client doesn’t wake up with a perfect blowout, meticulously ironed clothing, and a full face of makeup! Sporting a more casual look helps their images feel authentic and relatable. It is a personal brand photoshoot, after all…make it feel personal!

Anticipate Weather Changes

When planning a personal brand photoshoot, it always helps to think about the upcoming season and plan some wardrobe choices that will compliment them. While it may or may not feel like Fall where you are NOW, ask your client to consider throwing on a favorite holiday sweater or even adding in a winter coat to help their images stretch beyond just the current season. They’ll be so glad you thought of this when they have fresh, relevant content for the next season!

The Teacher Look

Is there an education component to your client’s personal brand? If so, let their audience see them in “teacher mode”! Throwing on a pair of glasses or changing their hair up into a classic top knot all help them give off the educator vibe. Bonus points if you grab a shot of them with their laptop, working on their next content piece and giving value!

Prep for Specific Holidays

Just like our tip about planning for the upcoming seasons, thinking ahead to the holidays could be a huge game changer in getting the most out of a personal brand photoshoot! That shot with a favorite thanksgiving tee or Christmas sweater might be just what your client needs when it’s time to schedule posts prior to their much-needed holiday time off. 

And There you have it! Our top 7 wardrobe tips for a personal brand photoshoot! If you’ve been following our content for any length of time, you know that we’re BIG believers in planning. We promise that preparing in advance is going to help you execute stronger. By taking the time to pre-plan wardrobe choices for your client (or even yourself!), you are going to feel so on top of things and way ahead of the game when you start shooting! Remember, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. We hope these tips help you the next time you’re planning the perfect photoshoot wardrobe!

Personal Brand Photoshoot Wardrobe

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