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Our Branding Collections: GUIDE

If you’ve been following along with our series introducing our different branding photography collections, then you’ve seen what we do with our CAPTURE and STYLE packages. If you missed it, catch up by following the links above! Today, we’ll introduce you to our final and most comprehensive option that we offer!

Many brands, especially newer brands or brands that are new to intentional digital marketing, have additional needs beyond planning, styling and capturing a photo session. Traditional marketing requires a certain level of targeted intentionality, but digital marketing takes that need for specific intentionality to the next level. Social media and the world wide web are just that – world wide – so creating amazing content and throwing it out to the world won’t be effective if it doesn’t connect with your ideal client. And that singular phrase – ideal client – is what we’ve found to be a hurdle for brands that are new to the digital marketing world.

Your ideal client is the person your product or service was designed for. They align with your company values, have a need for what you offer, and want to purchase it! Figuring out who that ideal client is and how to reach them can be the tricky part. It’s much more than: “My ideal client is someone who wants to buy my stuff.” Because, honestly, all business owners can say they’ve had experiences with people who buy their stuff that they end up wishing never had! Maybe the client was impossible to please. Maybe they haggled on price. Whatever the reason, not every paying client is an ideal one.

In our GUIDE sessions, we work with our clients to start at the base level and build up! In most cases, our clients come to us with branding, collateral, and a pretty good idea of what they want their stuff to look like. From there, we work with them through a detailed process to identify their ideal client and how to market to them effectively. We finalize that process with a one hour in-person consultation to develop a strategy for reaching their newly-found ideal client and start planning their session! After that meeting, the process looks a lot like our STYLE package, but you’re now equipped with powerful knowledge to ensure all of the planning and styling speaks to YOUR ideal client.

We’ve learned a lot of these lessons the hard way – slowly but surely. If you’re like us, ‘slowly’ is not a word you want to hear when it comes to marketing and growing your business! So let’s work together and let us GUIDE you through the process and get your imagery working for you and attracting the perfect client day after day!

For more detailed information on our GUIDE sessions, visit our page dedicated to them – then, if you’re ready, drop us a line so we can talk about serving you and your brand!

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