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Happy 32nd Birthday, Jon!

We’re driving home from being up at my parents for Mother’s Day weekend and you just reached over to rub my shoulder and tell me that you love me – something you tell me and make sure that I’m reminded of every single day. I don’t know how I got so lucky. I always watched the way my dad was with my mom and told myself that I wanted to find someone just like that one day – and I did. You do so much for me, for our kids, and for our family as a whole. You’re not afraid to clean the bathroom or figure out something to cook for dinner last minute for us just so you can be helpful. When homework needs to be done or something goes out on your truck, you read and figure out what the problem is and solve it! Whether it’s the math problem of Brody’s that neither one of us can remember how to do or the part of your truck’s A/C that went out, you figure out how to fix it and do it. You truly are the Chip to my Joanna.

You listen to my dreams and visions and talk through ways for us to execute them and bring them to life! Time and time again, you bring us back to Christ and help remind us that He is in the center of all we do and that with that, there’s nothing that can be against us. 

Last month, someone asked me, “So tell me, is Jon really that stand up of a guy? Is he really as great as he comes off?” I joked with him for a minute but I didn’t have to think long at all to simply answer, “Yes, he really is!” I mean, I reminded him that you’re not perfect and manage to burn a simple quesadilla, but that’s ok, because you know I prefer my food crispy and overcooked. 

Everything you do is for the purpose of serving God, serving me as your wife, and serving our family and neither I nor our kids couldn’t ask for anything better for that. 

It’s hard to believe that we’re going on year 18 of celebrating your birthday together. Holy cow! I’m so thankful for that. I’ve always only ever wanted to do life with my best friend and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Of all the amazing things in our life, you and our two kids are the greatest of all. We’re living and doing exactly what we’ve always dreamed of and as you go into year 32, I want you to know how much I believe in you. I know we’ve got some scary-big and exciting things ahead and we sometimes wonder how it’s all going to work. But I’m behind you and beside you all the way. It might not be as simple as a 2nd grade math problem, but I know we’re going to figure it out together as a team because that’s what we do!

I love you so much, Jon, and I hope year 32 is your best year yet. And I’m sure it will be because they really do just keep getting better and better!

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