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Our First Shoot with Chris + Heidi Powell!

It Was a Perfect Morning…

I was still in my pajamas and cozied up on the couch with a blanket in my lap, warm coffee in my hands, and Brody and Paislee curled up watching cartoons next to me. It was my description of the perfect morning. That’s about as far as my day got before everything changed. 

My phone dinged and a text came in that made me feel as if I was still dreaming from the night before. A good friend of mine was sending me a referral that I had never dreamt would come my way. She was unable to go and shoot a previously planned blog photoshoot for the queen of fitness – Heidi Powell!! That text woke me up and got me going for the day faster than any cup of coffee could! I froze from the shock that such an awesome opportunity had literally just fallen into my hands, yelled for Jon to tell him the exciting news and jumped into the shower after I replied with “Good morning!! I am available to do that for you if you’d like to let her know!”

Jon had a commitment to shoot a real estate property that morning so I was flying solo on the largest branding shoot in my career at that time. To say that I was nervous is laughable and far more than an understatement! I was questioning if I even still knew how my camera worked. Nerves were at their finest and I was full of self-doubt, questioning, and watched any and all confidence fly out of the window. 

But you know what – this is the part I love the best – I went and did it anyways! I pushed myself and allowed myself to be stretched into what now looking back, was the launching pad for our passion for brand photography. 

But that’s not all of the story…

I know you’re all really here to read about the most EMBARRASSING entrance into Chris and Heidi’s house that I had that Tuesday. 

So this is what happened… 

I had just gotten off the phone with my mom as I was pulling in through their gate. My mom was encouraging me and reminding me to be confident in the photographer I am and she prayed for me. I rounded the corner, put my car in park and got out to walk up to their front door. No big deal, right?! 


As I was walking up to the front door telling myself not to trip and not to be nervous I suddenly felt something that definitely didn’t belong! Something was bugging me at the base of my pants. I reached down and as I looked to see what it was, I saw a pair of underwear that was about ready to set me up for failure.

You read that right – a pair of UNDERWEAR had somehow made its way into the leg of my pants while in the dryer and was hanging OUT OF MY PANTS! Somehow after getting dressed and putting my pants on, getting ready for the day, and driving in the car I never noticed that they were there!

I think I turned bright red as I hurried back to my car, reached down to pull them out and chucked them into the back of my car. I looked over my shoulders to make sure no one else saw what just happened and headed back to their front door. To be honest, my nerves just about vanished at this point. Do you know why? Because I was able to laugh at myself and not take myself too dang seriously!

I knocked on the door and the cutest little Ruby answered saying, “Hi! I’m Ruby! What’s your name?” I told her who I was and she didn’t even let me walk past her without hearing ALL about her LOL dolls. I walked with her into the kitchen only to be greeted by Chris who instantly made me feel welcome. We chatted for a little bit and made connections with different people we knew from various friendships and acquaintances over the years. 

Out in their garage, I set up my portable studio set and completely felt at ease as Heidi walked out and introduced herself! For anyone wondering – YES! They are both just as sweet and genuine in person as you’ve seen them on tv or on social media. It was the most pleasant surprise and the reason I was able to relax and do my thing and serve them well. And I’d like to think that I did serve them well because Heidi just released her e-book filled with all of the photos I took of her on that very first shoot!!

Sure I was nervous. 

Yes, I questioned and doubted myself. 

Heck, I just about hugged them and introduced myself to them for the very first time with underwear hanging out of my pants!! But I’m super proud of my 28-year-old self for doing it. For relaxing and learning to not take myself too seriously. For going for it and laughing at myself along the way.

If there are any tips I can give you for the next time you get a call, text, or email that brings you your next big opportunity – it’s to not trust your dryer. They’re nothing but a big hot mess and could be setting you up for embarrassment. 😉

But seriously, the next time a big opportunity lands in your lap, take it and run with it despite all fear or nerves! You have what it takes to achieve your dreams if you pursue them with a passion!

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  1. Lauri Lane says:

    This is the BEST Erica!!!! I’m dying laughing because it’s totally something that would happen to me, except I’d probably be inside the door before I realized it!!😳😂 You know how camera shy I am, I can’t imagine how nervous you were, only to have that second pair of underwear appear!!😂🙌🏻 You and John are so amazing at what you do, it was so much fun being with you both!!!! BTW, Scott buys those really soft shop towels by the hundreds at Costco for cars and cleaning…my underwear, almost 100% of the time is almost super glued to a shop towel that I use to clean my sunglasses!!! It’s ended up in the garage more than once by getting mixed up!!😳 Not to mention he has a lot of car/toy friends over in the garage while using those towels! Obviously I’m terrible at laundry AND being good in front of a camera, but am waiting for the unfortunate day that my underwear is stuck to a shop towel that a friend picks up!!😂😂😂 Have a great day beautiful! Thanks for the great laugh!!!! Most important thing in life, laughter!!!❤️😘💖

    • Erica + Jon says:

      Haha I was laughing at myself too and had to try and keep my composure as I walked in for the first time!! I was SO nervous but like I said in the blog, it eased my nerves in some weird way lol! And I’m dying just at the thought of Scott and his friends pulling out a shop towel to shine their cars only to see your underwear attached to it haha that would be awful but hilarious at the same time!! Thanks for reading the blog and I’m glad you got a good laugh out of it! We really appreciate all your kind words and encouragement. It means a lot!! Also, hopefully you’ve seen the Chocolate PB ball pictures because you’ll see that you’re perfect and beautiful on camera! I know exactly where Heidi got it from!! 🙂

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