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Friday Top Five

Hey guys!! On Friday’s we share our Friday Top Five, a recap of the week we’ve had. If you are new to our Friday Top Five blog series, hop over to the very first one, Part 1 to start! It will help you understand our Friday Top Five and the fun we like to share here!

Brody’s Birthday

This week we enjoyed an extended three day weekend! Brody’s birthday fell on Monday and we took the entire day off to celebrate since school has not started yet for him. We successfully surprised him by bringing him to Sunsplash – a place he’s been dying to go to! We hadn’t been since we were kids, so it was fun for all of us! The best reaction of the day was Brody riding his first water slide – the Master Blaster! He came off the tube fist pumping and screaming ‘THAT WAS AWESOME!’ It brought a huge smile to his face, and ours!

School News

We were recently excited to hear that Brody had been accepted to his new school! We were super thankful because it felt like a good fit to us and it’s a school he was very excited about. The only remaining variable was the teacher he’d be assigned to. We had a special request since our nieces and nephews had attended there and loved a particular teacher. Thursday night we went to Back to School Night and found out that he was assigned to the teacher we had hoped for! Brody loved her and we were so happy to feel like he is set up for success this year.

School Supplies

Speaking of school – the school supplies shopping trip is always a necessity, but one we don’t necessarily love. Getting new things is fun, but fighting down the back to school aisles usually isn’t! This year we gambled and hit the store early without an official shopping list from his teacher. It paid off since we didn’t have to go to multiple stores sorting through picked over supplies, and we found out that we nailed it!

New Updates to Website

Sometimes it seems like the most important things to do take the longest! We had some important updates that we needed to make to our website for our branding session packages, and it seemed like there was never time to finish it. This week, we carved out the time and something magical happened – it got done! Go check out the new package options here!


You might be thinking…ew…how does the dentist make your Friday Top Five?? We have been meaning to get Brody and Paislee into the dentist for a check up and cleaning for a while, but our schedules have prevented it. We finally found a great pediatric dentist that the kids are excited about and got the kids in! Score!

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