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What does an unending horizon full of corn fields and a personal development coach have to do with each other?

Truthfully, we’re not too sure – except for that it was part of the journey on our way to our client Brad’s incredible lake house in rural Illinois.

For the personal development coach and mindset coaches out there – we’re 10000000000% positive you have a great mindset analogy to pull out of the scenic roads we found ourselves winding through in our rental car, unsure if we were headed in the right direction, having flashbacks to Children of the Corn and wondering how on earth it was possible for corn fields to seem as far reaching and unending as the ocean.

Actually, at this point, I think the analogy is finding itself…no certified coach requirement needed. (**Thinks to themselves – ‘Do we have a future as mindset coaches? Nah!’**)

This was indeed a journey for us for a LOT of reasons. We’ll skip over boring you with how the rental car agency somehow told us that the Mitsubishi Mirage they gave us was an actual upgrade from the Tesla we had reserved (thanks Hertz! At least we didn’t get arrested in the rental car, right?!) and get straight to the point of the journey.

We found ourselves in rural Illinois winding through cornfields and little towns that popped out of nowhere wondering “where do these people get groceries?” and finally ended up in paradise AKA Brad’s LAKE HOUSE for an intensive with him and also to take his brand photos!

Brad Bizjack (<– Is there a cooler last name around!? Seriously, the marketability of that forced us to ask – this is your real name?!) is a personal development coach, mindset strategist and expert, inspirational speaker, and podcast host with over 8 years of coaching experience. His mission is to help people maximize their life, master their mindset, and elevate their relationships and career to the next level and beyond and we count ourselves blessed to be among those he has made an impact on!

We had an absolute blast redefining Brad’s brand imagery and creating images that felt more open, spacious, and natural for his brand! And with the added challenge of a rainy day (Arizonan’s say ‘What?’) we also had the chance to use some fancy new toys from Rogue! They just released a new magnetic dome diffuser system that allowed us to add in easy fill light and color correct on the fly with easy drop in CTO gels!

Here are some of the images we created with Brad! And by the way…if you’re interested in those new Rogue products, like the dome diffuser system we used in the majority of these shots, use code ‘ERICAANDJON5‘ for a discount!

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