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Hey friends! We recently just traveled to Florida for a photoshoot for a new brand. I mean 75 degrees and sunny? It was a no brainer 🙂 The brand wanted to feature their product in a coastal town, and the little town of Rosemary Beach was PERFECT for it. We travel to this spot often and knew that it would feature their products really well, especially the star of the show! Their new Collagen Elixir. 

We worked with the brand well in advance to style and shoot everything they wanted and had the product shipped to the destination there. We had INCREDIBLE things set up for the shoot! I mean we’re talking about a $9 MILLION dollar beach house, models, and all sorts of stuff going on! Then to only find out when we arrived……the biggest product, the Collagen Elixir, was nowhere to be found. Yeah, trust us, our jaws dropped too.

Within an hour after landing on the ground, we took inventory of our clients’ product they shipped to us.  Literally, we walked in the door, gave hugs to our friends and then took inventory. We sent our clients inventory of everything that had arrived and let them know within an hour of being there that we were missing product. This was absolutely KEY for us! If we hadn’t taken the time to inventory right when we landed, the product would have never had a chance to arrive on time! But even with overnighting the product, it still ran into some shipping delays because of the weather. 

We had ALL this stuff set up. Did I mention the access to an AMAZING beach house!?!? We couldn’t move the house or the models because everything was set and ready to roll. Soooo we did what we could and photographed EVERYTHING as if the collagen was never going to arrive. If it did arrive, great!! We’d slip in! But if it didn’t, we still wanted our client to look past the disappointment of the shipping issues and see great photos from the shoot. 

Luckily, we did it that way! We shot a TON of content for them, but the Collagen Elixir never showed up that day. After the shoot had wrapped up, we took the initiative to call FedEx to find out when the Collagen Elixir was for sure going to be delivered. We checked on flight rearrangements, childcare rearrangements and even scouting out additional locations we could shoot. This information was all packaged up and presented to our client. We said here is the problem, here is when the product will be to our current location, AND here is what we can do! 

Prior to calling them, we checked on everything. We can move our flight, we have childcare lined up and we also let them know what the additional investment would be for them. All of our bases were covered. We then asked the brand, “Is this what you guys want to do?” Being able to provide solutions instead of just informing them of the problem is the BIG difference maker. 

We became the “hero” of the story….and while spending an extra day waiting on the product to arrive, we had a little more time to enjoy the vitamin sea 😉 

You see, sometimes when things don’t go right, you have the best opportunity to serve your clients well and build trust.

Even though things didn’t go according to plan, we overcame the situation that was put in front of us and still gave our clients the best experience that we could. Our intentions are always to put our clients first and provide them an unforgettable experience with photos they absolutely love. 

If you want to see a little behind the scenes action of the shoot, be sure to check out our Florida adventures through the vlog our friends (and photoshoot models!!) James and Jess put together for their YouTube channel:

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