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With Amazon being our household go-to for quick and convenient purchases, we thought it would be beneficial to share the products we get the most out of but NEVER thought of needing until we actually got them. I mean, let’s be honest, our house basically runs on coffee and Amazon Prime. Free and fast delivery is a no brainer when it comes to our busy schedules, and we’ve found absolute GEMS to help with our everyday workflow for business. So without further ado, here are our Top 5 Amazon Finds for Business!

Laptop Stand

Running a photography business can often seem like spending 10% of your time actually photographing and 90% of your time in front of a computer! #amiright?? Between invoicing, emails, and photo editing, you can rack up a TON of hours behind the screen. These laptop stands have been a game changer for our posture allow us to work smarter without getting ‘computer slouch!’

Check out the laptop stand!

Hand Steamer

This is BY FAR one of our best and most used purchases for our business. Not only are you bringing so much value to your clients and showing them you have their back, but this takes the headache out of extensive post processing to remove harsh wrinkles out of photos. Hand steamers come in handy for all sorts of things like clothes, pillows, tablecloths…etc. This is a must, and the travel size is convenient for packing in a gear bag to have on standby for when it’s needed. You might not always break it out, but when you do, you’ll be the hero!

Take a look at the hand steamer!

Computer Adapter for CF & SD Cards

With the amount of shooting we do, this 2-in-1 tool helps our workflow a TON. We use this everyday, and it comes in handy as we are traveling. And if you are an Apple product lover like we are, you know you already have to live the dongle life. This small and compact tool allows us to work from literally anywhere and have everything at our fingertips!

Take a look at this adapter!

Portable Phone/USB Charger

Gotta blame it on my juice, baby! There aren’t too many things worse than running out of battery when you have clients to attend to or work that needs to be done. Like those social media stories you need to create in those precious moments of down time. Or the content you need to capture during the shoot itself! Or even the emails and inquiries you need to respond to while you’re on the go. Phew…we sure do use those phone a lot these days! Stop blaming the juice in your devices. Our portable phone/USB devices come with us everywhere and keep us efficient at tackling our business along with everyday life. 

Juice up with this Portable Phone Charger!

Editing Tablet

We LOVE our editing tablet! There was once a day when we didn’t even know these existed! But when we attended a commercial image retouching class and saw everyone else pulling these tools out, we knew we had some learning to do! Ever since, the editing tablet has been a total 180 for us with our extensive retouching work. The pressure sensitive pen and tablet allows you to edit in the super-fine details in photoshop that would be extremely tedious and difficult with your trackpad. Bonus: we’ve found so many other uses beyond retouching as well, like digitally singing documents or creating handwritten text copy for our website and promotions!

Level up your editing game with this tablet!

That’s it, our Top 5 Amazon Finds for Business! Did we miss something? What have you found that you love? Let us know in the comments below.

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