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How to Start Outsourcing for your Business


When you start a business, you quickly realize that you have to wear a LOT of different hats. You are the CEO, CFO, HR Department, Tech Department, Sales Staff, Office Support Staff….you name the role, it’s all on your shoulders. 

We fully believe that wearing all of those hats for a season is all a part of the experience. It’s the reality that entrepreneurs face as they build their dream business. It teaches you everything about your business from top to bottom and helps you be a better business person.

But as your business grows, you’ll realize that you simply can’t sustain that many responsibilities on your own. Something starts to slip, and a young business can’t afford any slip-ups.

For a season, we wore all of those hats. Even as a team of two, full-timers with a common goal, we still couldn’t take care of everything that needed to get done. We wondered what our options were. We couldn’t afford to hire an employee, so how could we accomplish it all?

The answer was simple: outsourcing.

We started to strategically look at areas of our business that we could outsource. Day to day tasks that were important to our success, but that didn’t impact the ‘magic’ that both of us brought to our business. We started small and today outsource a lot of parts of our business.

It seemed scary at first, but today we believe in it more than ever. We’ve seen our business continue to grow as we were able to find trusted solutions for the mundane and continue to invest our energy in the areas of our business that excited us.

To help you get started outsourcing with your business (and personal life!), we’ve put together a list of the Top Three Areas We Outsource.


This was the first thing to go. No offense mathematicians, but neither one of us find joy in managing the day to day numbers. We fully believe that it is important to know your numbers as a business owner, but allowing someone else to manage, compile, and generate those reports for us has been a real lifesaver.

Our accountant saves us time and stress by properly managing our books while our CPA practically pays for himself by finding us the best possible tax solutions and structures for our business.

Photo Editing

This was one of the most difficult things for us to outsource. As photographers, we are very particular about how our photos are represented. Although we shoot with a goal of perfecting everything in-camera, there are still post-processing tweaks we use to make our photos shine. Trusting someone else to replicate that style was extremely difficult and to be honest, it was a bit of a process to get things just right. 

We still don’t outsource all of our photos. Many of the commercial projects we shoot require intensive retouching that we perform on our own, but when it makes sense, we love sending our photos off to the editor and investing our time in growing our business.

House Cleaning

This one is a lot more personal-life related, but as a husband and wife team who work from home, it’s something we needed. Neither one of us work well within clutter or when we see things around us that need to be taken care of. Hiring a house cleaner seemed a little pretentious to us at first, so we delayed it for a long time.

How do we like it today? Every other Tuesday, our faces beam with smiles as we work on things that further our business as we hear and smell the cleaning taking place! Instead of spending four hours cleaning and not focusing on things that need to be done for our business, we have 4 people come into our home and knock it out in one hour! It’s amazing efficiency and allows us to work at our best!

There are SO many other areas you can outsource life or business. Things as simple as landscaping or pool services area a great place to start. Even grocery shopping is another one of our favorites! Shop online for your groceries and have the store pull the items for pick up for a small fee.

If you haven’t started outsourcing anything for your business, our challenge would be to find ONE area that you can start outsourcing something in. Start small and see the huge impact outsourcing menial tasks can have as you commit that precious time of yours towards growing your dream biz!

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