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How to Shoot + Edit Photos with Your iPhone!

As commercial brand photographers, we fully believe in what we do. In the power of an image to create brand awareness and increase sales revenue for the businesses we work with. Imagery is one of the most important elements of good marketing. Yes, we’re a little biased, but think about your discovery processes for brands you come across. What do you engage with first, an image of their product of service, or the written copy? We’re pretty confident you’re like us and a good image piques your interest and then drives you toward learning more about the brand.

So can we all agree that solid imagery is important for marketing your business, especially in the digital space?

But what do you do when an unheard of situation arises that closes all non-essential businesses and forces almost all people worldwide to self-quarantine in their homes? What if you don’t have those professional photos ready to go to work for you as you compete for attention in an even more diluted online space?

With eyeballs on digital screens more today than ever before as people shop, browse, or mentally escape online at home, how can you still promote your business and capture attention when you don’t have photos ready to go?

Well…we’ve had a little time on our hands too. So we heard your cry and put together a quick tutorial on “How to Shoot + Edit Photos with Your iPhone.” 

Are these the same high-quality images we take for our clients on normal brand shoots? No.

BUT, they are a great way to take imagery to the next level and still represent your brand during this time. 

Plus…would you believe it if we told you we incorporate iPhone photos into our own grid on occasion? And no, we’re not just talking about fun family photos.

Ready to learn our process? All you need is a phone, a free app, and to click play below to watch!

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