3 Ways to Master New Instagram Changes

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Are you for REEL, Instagram!?!? If you haven’t already heard the news there has been a pretty big discussion surrounding the IG lately. Instagram released news within the last couple weeks that they are starting to move away from being a photo sharing platform. WHAT?? You mean, the photo sharing app we LOVE is taking photos away? Well, not exactly. This doesn’t mean that Instagram will never allow you to share a still image, BUT it does mean that they will be leaning towards more entertainment content in the form of video. Reels, stories, IGTV and other forms of video already on the app are going to be highlighted more because at the end of the day….this is where ALL the attention is in today’s world.

With competitors like Tik Tok and YouTube, Instagram is experimenting these next 6 months to see how shifting their attention to video stands up against the rest. So naturally, the question is, How does this impact Brand Photography?! How can I count on this app to still scale my business even with all the buzz about big time changes? Well, we want to assure you that you and your business are still NEEDED. Brand Photography is still a necessity. Very much so as a matter of fact! Prints, campaigns, headshots, websites, blogs, storefront signs……and the list goes WAYYYYY beyond that to why the world is in need of brand photographers. 

With or without the new changes on IG, you and the WHOLE brand photography scene are incredibly important! So today, we are going to give you our BEST 3 tips on how to master the newfound Instagram changes as a brand photographer. 

Change is the ONLY Constant

We get it. These changes to Instagram can seem a bit scary. It’s natural to be like, “WHAT THE HECK!!” This app has helped so many photographers and businesses grow their brands, including us. Many of our clients use Instagram to grow their businesses that have nothing to do with photography as well –  so why are they changing? Well, big tech is really in the game for one thing – data. Your personal data is what they monetize and build their thriving business on, and the data shows that social media views are gravitating towards video content. Let’s face it, change isn’t always pleasant, but what we know for sure is that change is constant. It is important to remember because only with change can we see something we all long for…GROWTH. Look at tech for example. Tech is ALWAYS changing and evolving. Chances are you are probably reading this blog on a phone or laptop that has changed DRASTICALLY from dial up computers or flip phones that had the power to make us seem so cool back in the day. Without change we wouldn’t have the world we live in today, so it’s so important to acknowledge that change is here to stay.

Embrace the Change

The bottom line is….this is your time and opportunity to get uncomfortable. It’s clear that people want to see more visuals through various video formats, so challenge yourself to get creative and get those juices flowing. We know you have them!!! When features like stories, reels and IGTV came out the first time…..people freaked out! It was all new, and people didn’t really know how to react. But looking at the app now, those doing well and thriving in their businesses are the ones who embraced the change. They took a step out of their comfort zone to show up for their audience utilizing all the resources and tools possible.  And if you are one of those people who turns your head to reels saying, “I just can’t do this” or “Reels just really aren’t my thing”…you are telling this to two of the most introverted people on the planet! It’s extremely difficult for us to put ourselves out there. But we do it because that’s what the people want to see and it allows us to grow by putting ourselves outside of our comfort zones. If it helps, come up with a character for your video content! When the camera turns on, just step into that character and work it for the camera! 😉 Embrace the change. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Seek New Opportunities 

A question we’ve been getting A LOT is, “Erica + Jon, does this mean that brand photography is done??” Do I just have to fold this up, move cross country and soul search for what else I can do other than becoming a brand photographer? Well, here is some tough love from us to you because we genuinely care about your success. 

If you are building a business based on ONE app, then maybe yeah….just don’t go into brand photography. By setting yourself up and building your business based on one app, you are making yourself completely vulnerable to things you have no control over. And that ultimately means that you have no control over your business. Changes are happening all the time! Truthfully, Instagram could one day not even be around anymore…so don’t build your business on ONE app.

There is SOOO much more opportunity in brand photography both in and outside of Instagram. Instead of dwelling about the new Instagram changes, we encourage you to be on the forefront of seeking new opportunities to not only market your business but help your clients do the same. 

Real talk: brands will always need still images. Brand imagery is everywhere, so that should never be a concern. If you’re to be concerned about anything, make sure you’re not staying in your comfort zone. Find growth for yourself and your business by seeking new opportunities because they are out there!

Now is the time more than ever. Let’s get uncomfortable because trust us when we say it will be your BIGGEST opportunity for growth. Are you up for the challenge? Let us know your thoughts and reactions to the recent changes to Instagram in the comments! 

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  1. Heidi Morter says:

    Change brings opportunity!!!!

    Don’t delay to seize every moment. You are proof of what independent hard work will achieve. I see you growing daily right before my eyes!

    Reach it! Grab on.

    This is an opportunity for growth!

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