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We’re Speaking at Showit United 2019!!

If you are a photographer – or really a creative of any kind – I’m sure you can relate to this feeling: loneliness. Even as a husband and wife team with both of us focused full time on a common goal, the journey can feel very isolating some times. Things like comparison creep in and rob joy from accomplishments that we should be celebrating. Hustling and grinding wears you down to a point where you wonder if it’s all really worth it, and does anyone even seen me? We are all too familiar with those emotions. To be completely honest, we were feeling ALL of those emotions and more leading into the end of the year in 2018. We had one bright spot on the calendar though that we were looking forward to, but had no idea how badly we needed – The Showit United Conference!

We’d heard from so many people how incredible the United Conference was, but it wasn’t something that could have been put into words for us. Immediately upon arriving, we were overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and community that was shown to us. It shouldn’t be surprising that a conference known for hugs instead of handshakes would make us feel loved, but the sense of true community made us feel anything but alone.

Sometimes as business owners, we get so busy in our day to day that we don’t fully realize the impact we are making on this world and on those around us. Spending three solid days with like-minded creatives was exactly the life-giving breath of fresh air we needed to blow wind back into our sails and motivate us towards what was next for us.

Hearing from industry leaders – those who have gone before us and pioneered the industry – was transformative. The access to those leaders, the personalized advice they pour into your business and the tangible takeaways we left with had our minds running in overdrive with ideas and new connections we’ll forever be grateful for!

This year, we are SO honored and humbled to be listed among those speaking at the Showit United Conference. We wouldn’t have guessed just 6 months ago that we’d have this great opportunity to speak life and motivation into other creatives as we talk about something so true to our journey and close to our hearts. We’ll be leading a breakout session called, “The Shift: Knowing How to Recognize a Shift in Your Business and How to Respond to it.”

That’s not to mention the incredible people who will be leading other breakout sessions, styled shoots, and the keynote speaker line up featuring Katelyn James, Amy & Jordan Demos, Natalie Franke, and Jasmine Star to name a few!

So what are you waiting for, friend!? Will we see you there?

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