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Scottsdale Men’s Shoppe

This one’s for the fellas!

We met John, owner of Scottsdale Men’s Shoppe in his store and instantly knew this place was different. It’s not your run of the mill clothing store. Instead, it’s a one stop shop for the fashion conscious dude with personalized service to go along with it!

Normally, our fashion oriented shoots revolve around women’s fashion, but this time Jon got to do some casual shopping while we were on location! One of the coolest items in the store were the Mizzen and Main shirts that they carry, a dress shirt made of moisture wicking material that avoids wrinkles and sweat! No wrinkles? No sweat? Dog’s need to move over, man has a new best friend!

John’s goal when he created Scottsdale Men’s Shoppe was to create a place not only for men to shop, but to get help and guidance on what to wear. He and his staff help guys create outfit combinations and make recommendations based on the occasion for those who need it, but offer a casual shopping experience custom tailored for guys!

Take a look at some of the looks he has available in his store!

Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0001.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0002.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0003.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0004.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0005.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0006.jpg
Arizona Branding Photographer | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0007.jpg

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