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Our Showit United 2019 Experience

It was nearing the end of 2018 and we were about one small mishap away from closing up shop, selling our gear, and calling Erica + Jon Photography quits. We had spent the last two years pouring everything we had into our business and although we had survived, it felt like just barely. We knew that if this was going to continue to be how we lived life, we weren’t going to be satisfied with simply ‘existing’ just to have our own business. No one would have known it because online it appeared we were thriving even though in real life we were barely surviving. 

In an act that could only have been a divine act of God, we were given the opportunity to attend a photography conference that would mark the building of a true transformation for us personally and in business.

When we attended Showit United 2018, we felt like imposters. We were there in the mix of the crowd but no one knew how miserable and desperate we were. Or did they? It seemed like the entire conference, every keynote, every breakout session was speaking directly to us. The unparalleled access to industry leaders gave us the opportunity to spend our time speaking with people who had gone before us that poured themselves into us. 

We left United 2018 renewed, revived, and reignited to change our own existence into something more.

Little did we know that the actionable steps we took following that conference would lead to a total transformation of our business, our first 6-figure year in business, and most excitedly, new opportunities to bring that same life-giving encouragement to others.

United 2019 just ended and we had the incredible opportunity to give back to a community that pulled us up when we were at our lowest by leading a breakout session on the ins-and-outs of our industry – brand photography! We were there to introduce a large group of interested photographers to the world of Commercial Brand Photography through our talk and to be available to countless others outside of that room as we sought opportunities to speak life, encourage, and inspire others in the same way we had been just the year before.

We’ve reached a new level of success in our business this year, but more importantly – and more rewardingly – we are loving the opportunity to educate others through speaking opportunities like this and through our one-on-one workshops and mentoring. Seeing faces light up with joy, minds spark with new ideas, and hearts encouraged to keep pushing forward is more rewarding than anything else we’ve experienced in our entrepreneurial journey and we can’t wait to continue to expand and impact more business owners and photographers in the future!

One last thing…if you read this blog and felt like we did in 2018, maybe we can help. Click here to find out about our mentoring opportunities.

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