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Friday Top Five

Hey guys!! On Friday’s we share our Friday Top Five, a recap of the week we’ve had. If you are new to our Friday Top Five blog series, hop over to the very first one, Part 1 to start! It will help you understand our Friday Top Five and the fun we like to share here!

Brody’s Spelling Test

When Brody found out that he could skip spelling word homework all week by passing the pre-test on Tuesday, he became a determined spelling machine. He was like the kids on the spelling bee on ESPN. Ok, maybe not that intense. And his words were only 4-5 letters long, but you get the idea! He was so proud to come home Tuesday with a 100% grade on his pre-test, and we loved seeing him so confident in himself!

Movie Time

In case you missed it, we were so excited to release our first video this week! We had a videographer follow us around to let you see behind the scenes on an actual branding photoshoot! We’re so happy to be able to share it with you and show you a little bit of the fun you can expect to experience working with us!

Workin’ It

Sometimes, it’s the little wins that make us feel the best! Sometimes, we find that running our business consumes a lot more of our time than we’d like to admit. The result of that is often neglect for other important things like self care. So when we have 2 weeks straight where we stay focused and complete our workouts, we feel on top of the world!

Home Group

One thing we love about our church is the emphasis they place on creating community. Sunday morning church service is great, and we love going to church every weekend as a family. But there is so much more personal growth that happens when you are plugged into a community. Our small group started back up this week after taking the summer off, and we were so happy to rejoin with friends and learn from each other!

Lunch with Friends

We’ll admit it, we’re pretty tough bosses. We demand long work hours and don’t often hand out vacation time! But this week the boss gave herself a little break and Erica took advantage of it to get a nice, long three hour lunch in with friends! We’ve been talking a lot about balancing our schedules lately, and believe us, it feels so much more refreshing!

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