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Friday Top Five

Welcome to our Friday Top Five! If you are new to our Friday Top Five blog series, hop over to the very first one, Part 1 to start! It will help you understand our Friday Top Five and the fun we like to share here!

  • We were able to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief this week. Jon had to make a trip to Northern AZ to bring Paislee to Erica’s parents house. On the way, our car broke down! The transmission was on it’s way out. We got it down to the valley and to the dealership, and they told us what we DIDN’T want to hear. It needed a new transmission and since we were outside of warranty that meant a big price tag. BUT, we heard back from Nissan USA this week and they agreed to pay 80% of the replacement cost! We were completely relieved and it was a great reminder that even in the small things, God is SO good!
  • Thursday marked a half day for Brody and the start of Spring Break! Extended breaks from school can be super fun and challenging all at the same time, especially when we have a full month like March has turned out to be! We can’t wait for some good family time though and have some super fun things planned that we look forward to sharing with you soon!
  • This week we had the privilege to tackle one of the biggest opportunities of our career yet! We had a full day branding session with the Chicago White Sox franchise photographing and styling their apparel and merchandise, along with working with players and their families! Keep an eye out for the full blog post soon!
  • Brody continues to amaze us already in his soccer season. The boy who was hesitant and timid on his first day is now running out and getting in the mix with the rest of his teammates. We had a really special moment during his practice this week. During their scrimmage, the other team ran the ball up and kicked it in for a goal. Brody was on the lead player who scored, but turned away at the last minute thinking it was too late. His coach called it out to him and explained that he needed to stick with it and not stop until the play was completely done. The very next play, he had the same opportunity. He stuck with it and got his foot in front of the ball to block the shot! It was great to see him smile with confidence knowing he had just killed it!
  • While we think chips and salsa are all a person needs, our kids don’t always agree. Their favorite spot is Menchie’s, a frozen yogurt bar. If you’ve ever reached your hand into the pocket of a jacket you hadn’t worn since last winter to find money waiting for you, then you’ll understand this feeling! Erica took the kids to Menchie’s and found out that the entire order was free thanks to their rewards program! Woohoo! Menchie’s for the win!

That’s our week’s top five! How was your week? Let us know in the comments below!!

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