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We recently wrapped up an incredible personal brand photoshoot with our client Andrea Garcia! Andrea is a realtor that came to us with a mission – she had two very specific audiences she wanted to speak to through her imagery. The first group were legacy planning individuals who are dealing with their estates or the children of elderly parents who are trying to facilitate dealing with their estates and maybe downsizing or “rightsizing” their parents for where they are in life. The other group of people she needed to talk to and wanted to emphasize were first time homebuyers. To create a brand photoshoot that checked both boxes and left Andrea with lots of on brand content, we broke this all down in our planning process to focus on the two different audiences with unique imagery at two different locations that would speak to both of them!

The Legacy Client

For Andrea’s legacy planning audience, our focus was to create imagery that would establish a sense of trust. We needed to show Andrea’s expertise and that she has been here and done this before. Whether it’s people with resources looking to downsize and deal with their estate themselves or it’s their kids wanting to do it on the elderly parents behalf, one of the biggest things is going to be partnering with someone they can trust and has experience. We really wanted to build the trust with potential clients through the imagery and showcase Andrea in a space that would be relatable. We looked for a home that was larger, well established and something you could really tell that the person who owns this home is someone who has resources to have some concern about. With this being her ideal client, they want to make sure their resources are managed properly. 

The home had masonry on the outside, BIG iron doors (so big we had to tag team to fully open the door!), travertine tile and just a lot of room and space for one of our favorite things…variety! The house also skewed a little older with chunky mahogany furniture that would spark an ideal client. During the shoot, we focused on showing Andrea in that space so we could capture headshots and relatable content she could use to post on social media and use on her website. But just having her in that area for capturing those images reinforced the sense of… “Okay….she’s been here before!” This girl is used to being in homes and on properties like this and she knows what she’s doing. We can hear Alica Keys singing in the background, THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE! Did you all know that song is actually about Andrea!? 

The First Time Homebuyer

The other audience we talked to were the first time home buyers! Ahhh, so exciting, right!? For the first time home buyer, we wanted to show a trendy home. Something that was Insta-worthy, skewed towards a younger audience, but that was also a little elevated so it would appeal to the person who is dreaming up their first home and envisioning all of the things it could be! Things like a crystal clear pool, granite countertops, queso bar…oh that last one MIGHT have come from our list! 😉 For this audience, we shot at an Airbnb that was staged by a local designer. This location focused on imagery of her working, lifestyle content and headshots. We did all of those things in that space just to appeal to the first time homebuyer. We also focused on shots that would allow Andrea to speak to specific subjects that first time homebuyers are often asking her about. Things like, how wide the hallways are or considering how high the ceilings are going to be. We wanted to make sure that we gave her images to correlate with those topics, so we captured imagery that showed her in a hallway and allowed her to speak to that specific topic. 

The entire shoot went REALLY REALLY well…even with the HUGE problem we encountered before we even put a lens on our camera! (More on that below). Andrea was incredibly well prepared and a lot of that was the collaborative planning process. She was 100% on board with devoting herself to the planning and MAKING IT HAPPEN. Our photoshoot planning template really was the key to us being able to communicate with Andrea. Having the blueprint of being able to communicate with her and show her our interpretation of the vision for the shoot allowed her to give some feedback and allowed us to make final tweaks to make sure that everything was brought together perfectly. This was the secret sauce to an AMAZING shoot! We also did a wardrobe consultation with Andrea, which we think she would even say was key to nailing her outfits for the photoshoot and having enough variety to really stretch out these photos for a long time and let her get A LOT of use out of them. 

Oh yeah, and that big issue we encountered to start our day?…

We have LITERALLY never had this happen before! 

We showed up to our first venue and realized the venue had been double booked! It was an Airbnb and there were tenants in the rental house. Like they were hanging out, munching on some snacks and honestly just living their best life. We were unable to get a hold of the owner and we needed to completely pivot our plans for the day. 

You’ll have to check out the video to see what happens and see the overview for the photoshoot. Even with the hiccup, we were definitely still able to pull though and create a great experience for Andrea. One that accomplished ALL the targets we set in place for the photoshoot and one that she LOVED the results from. 

Mission accomplished!

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