Elizabeth Pickle: Turning the Narrative Upside Down

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One of the things we LOVE about brand photography is being able to tailor imagery to our brand client’s unique messaging. That unique imagery is what really helps brands stand out and carve out a niche for themselves in saturated markets. Because let’s be honest, you and your brand weren’t meant to fit in, you were born to STAND OUT!

Our client, Elizabeth, is an attorney and in a pretty crowded market. She was looking for a way to stand out and show who she is and how she’s different from your normal run of the mill attorney. After all….lawyers, attorneys and people in the legal field do kinda have a PR problem… It’s not everyday that you come across someone like Elle Woods walking into the courtroom in ALL pink holding a briefcase in one hand and a chihuahua in the other! Lawyers are often viewed as intimidating, sometimes unapproachable and even a little scary at times to talk to. Elizabeth wanted to COMPLETELY turn that narrative upside down and change the game about perceptions of her with her work in the legal field. Going into this shoot, that was our exact goal and what we set out to do with Elizabeth’s photoshoot!

So let’s go ahead and dive into the not just one, but TWO parts of the photoshoot that we put together for Elizabeth Pickle.

Location #1: Bright + Vibrant

One of the things Elizabeth wanted to communicate was that she was approachable, friendly, and light-hearted! Elizabeth also LOVES bright & vibrant colors, so we wanted to make sure these key points were communicated through her imagery. We found a location that matched her brand colors and it also aligned with vivid and bold pops of color. SCORE, right!?!? For our first location, we shot at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ. This place is LOADED with color and we had so much fun shooting all over the property to create images showing Elizabeth working and placing her in different lifestyle scenarios that would be approachable to her clients. Overall, we’d like to think it was a prettyyyyy successful shoot – just take a look at the social proof!!

Location #2: Office Workplace Environment

The other side that we wanted to show of Elizabeth was her professionalism and really communicating that she’s a trusted source for the people who choose to do business with her. AKA, she knows her stuff & knows it really dang well!! For this, we wanted to show her in a co-working / office space environment to capture imagery of her working. Whether it was working on her course that will be launching or the trademark law that she handles, the goal of the imagery was to REALLY communicate her comfort level in a work environment. We wanted to show that although she is warm, bubbly and approachable from the other set of images, she’s also going to be a complete POWERHOUSE for you when she needs to be as legal counsel. That was really the goal of these images – to communicate her brand in that professional setting so that people could visualize her working on their behalf as their attorney. 

We had SOOO much fun creating these images for Elizabeth! It was really great to be able to work with her to turn the negative narrative around lawyers for a COMPLETE 360 to create imagery that would be warm, inviting, and accepting. We can’t wait to see how her business continues to grow while she uses these images! 

Have any fun experiences or stories tailoring imagery to your clients unique messaging? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear em! 🙂 

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  1. Love these so out of the box for a lawyer love the vibrancy and energy!

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