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Babbo Italian Eatery

It all started a while back with a styled session for a local cake house. We were outside, staging and shooting flat lay after flat lay of beautiful macarons, cookies and treats. And it was NOT safe. At least, not for some. You see, there were a few things that made you a target that day. If you happened to walk into the cake house with a set of finely manicured nails, you were picked up on radar, and fast! Jon’s nails never look pretty, and Erica was too far removed from a recent manicure to work out. So the process of putting customers to work as hand models continued for most of the day!

In the middle of that, ‘excuse me, could we please borrow your hands’ moment we were having, we met Taylor. She walked in with freshly manicured hot pink nails that were begging to be in our photos! We just had to make her aware of it! We had so much fun having her pose with different macarons, and made a great connection. And that connection led us to an incredibly fun opportunity to partner with her family’s local restaurants, Babbo Italian Eatery!

Guys, their food is ahhhh-ma-zing! We were over the moon excited to partner with them for updating their food photos and lifestyle images at their restaurant! Their food is fresh and locally sourced and it shows both in presentation and flavor!  This goes down as one of our most delicious shoots on the record! Nothing like taking photos and test bites! 🙂

And while the food they serve is great, we love knowing that the people behind the food are just as incredible! The entire family absolutely exudes love in everything that they do. They put their heart and soul into providing an experience and an atmosphere that will leave everyone who visits feeling completely fulfilled! They seriously have the sweetest hearts!

Take a look at some of the wonderful menu items they serve. Once your mouth is really watering, find one of the seven (soon to be eight!) locations closest to you and eat like an Italian!

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