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PHX Headshot Photographers

As branding photographers we love the different businesses and brands we get to work with. Every project and vision is different, but the end goal is the same: capture the brand with compelling imagery that markets the brand to their ideal clients. We take the same approach with our business headshot clients. Just like brands, individuals benefit from presenting themselves in the best way possible to potential employers or clients. Social media tools, especially those built for business like LinkedIn help individuals meet their goals every day – whether that’s finding employment or connecting with clients. Your business headshot on your social media profile conveys a message about you to the person viewing your profile.

To put it into perspective, let’s imagine a real world scenario. An HR Manager and a Hiring Manager have carefully examined multiple job applications and have narrowed their decision down to two candidates. Both applicants have similar educational and work history backgrounds and are equally qualified. They managers then view the candidate’s LinkedIn profiles and see the first applicant has a selfie photo taken in poor light during a night out with friends. The other candidate has a professional headshot in work attire consistent with their industry’s norms. The lighting is balanced and highlights their features, and they appear confident and well poised. Which LinkedIn profile will leave the best impression?

We enjoy working with our headshot clients to ensure they make a lasting impression that is true to them! We work one-on-one with clients in studio or outdoors. We also bring our portable studio to corporate offices for large office groups needing updated headshots taken. Many companies see the value in having consistent imagery for employees, especially those in management and leadership positions that will be seen by many.

We’d love to work with you to be your Phoenix business headshot photographer! Tell us how we can serve you or your business by clicking here!Phoenix Headshot Photographers | Phoenix AZ | ericaandjon.com_0001.jpg
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