Thanksgiving 2019

This time of year is always one that brings a ton of change to our lives. As the hot desert temperatures turn into cool evenings, our hearts start to ignite at the thought of the holiday season. Gathering with friends and family and enjoying the little things in life are some of our very favorite things to do.

This Thanksgiving is no different. Every fiber of our being has been anxiously awaiting its arrival. It was our signal that relief was in sight, and that with all of the things we’ve been working so hard for this year we would finally find a few moments to rest and reflect on what matters most.

I’ve always remembered the conversation we had around my parent’s dinner table on Thanksgiving day as a kid. It was the same question every year. With (overly) full stomachs and some of us slowly fading into food comas, my dad would always ask each of us what we were thankful for. It was a moment to acknowledge out loud the things we were really thankful for, and always brought real perspective to the holiday.

This year, we decided to do something new with our kids to celebrate the season and bought a gratitude tree to build with Brody and Paislee. We each took turns picking a leaf color and writing one thing we were thankful for. As a dad, I was most thankful for what my kids had gratitude for. Brody, with no help or prodding, was thankful for our home, our family, and our electricity. Paislee was thankful for her cozy bed, her Nana and Papa, and her cousins.

I was blown away by their perspective at such a young age and it made me thankful for their pure little hearts and the confidence it gave Erica and I as parents trying to raise two beautiful children.

This has been an amazing year, and it’s not even over yet! It’s been full of new, exciting opportunities and new heights for our business we could have never dreamed of. To be completely transparent, it’s also been a real grind of a year! The daily grind has definitely taken its toll at times and saw us wishing things might be different. But the reminder from Brody and Paislee was all we needed this year to adjust our own perspective and realize how much we have to be thankful for.

We’re thankful for our strong, courageous Brody-man. He’s grown and stretched himself to new heights this year both physically and otherwise! He really is a tall boy, but we’ve also enjoyed watching him grow in his confidence in sports as he’s emerged as one of the top players on his soccer team. Playoffs, here we come!

We’re thankful for our sweet, happy Paislee Mae. She steals our hearts every morning with her soft smiles and playful giggles. Her love for life and her excitement over the smallest things brings true joy to our lives.

We’re thankful for our family. Without them, so many things that took place this year would have never been. The overwhelming love and support we feel means more than we can ever put into words and keeps us driving for bigger and better things!

And we’re thankful for you – our friends. Those of you who have known us for years and those of you who have just recently begun to follow our journey. Those of you who we’ve had the pleasure to work with and those who we hope to serve in the future! When we’ve been low, your encouragement has pulled us back up. When we’ve celebrated successes, you’ve been there along side us to cheer us on – and knowing you’re in this with us means everything.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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